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“Making Reeds Start to Finish” is a series focused on the specialized craft of reed making which has traditionally been passed down from teacher to student in the context of a private lesson. It attempts to solve some age-old problems like, ‘What do I do when the teacher is not there?’ or ‘How did my teacher say to scrape this part?’ and ‘I really would like to see my teacher do that again and I would watch up close.’

Dr. King instructs from “Start to Finish” her entire process of making reeds including some invaluable insight about what tools she uses and recommends, and even provides a list of the major vendors in the United States from which you can buy these essential tools.

Inside, you will see numerous hi-resolution photos, of products and techniques she advocates including six galleries that are instructional and informative. Additionally, there are over 15 videos you can watch repeatedly and on demand to learn and to fine tune your reed making skills, multiple interactive images which allow you to dive deep into her processes, hand-drawn diagrams and a 3D interactive oboe reed which will allow you to spin around a computer generated version of her reed full screen to inspect details.


She offers great insight into the troubleshooting and fixing of many common reed making problems. Please enjoy the book!

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